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See on – Specialist Project Taiga Ermansons creates “contemporary samplers” on Kleenex tissues that contain traces of fractured traditions anchored on fragile, disposable ground. See on Advertisements

Loara Standish Sampler: Band 23 Long Arm Cross

See on – Specialist Project Loara Standish Sampler. “Loara Standish is my name Lorde guide my hart that I may doe thy will also My hands with such Convenient skill as may… Continue reading

Taiga Ermansons

See on – Specialist Project Taiga Ermansons stitches into Kleenex tissues.  Amazing that something like a tissue can withstand that amount of stitching. See on

sampler – cultureclash

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Exhibitions Page

See on – Specialist Project Maggie and Clive Grey work in computer textile design, fabric decoration and stitch using computer-linked sewing and embroidery machines… See on

Rossetti Costumes & Bridal Gowns – Design Inspiration: Coloured Wedding Dresses

See on – Fabric Manipulation Maker of Bridal Gowns, Period Costume and professional quality tutus… A brief synopsis of how the English looked to the French regarding fashion in the 18th Century… Continue reading

French Fashions 1700 – 1789

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Sampler | V&A Search the Collections

See on – Specialist Project Sampler, 1640-1680 (made). Museum Number T.171-1961. Interesting to see the early samplers are quite often long and thin and contain cut work , needle lace as well… Continue reading

Elizabeth Parker’s Sampler – Victoria and Albert Museum

See on – Specialist Project This embroidery, a confession by a young English woman, is unique in the Museum’s collection in its austerity and poignancy. A very personal sampler containing emotion.  Samplers… Continue reading

History of samplers: 14th & 15th century – Victoria and Albert Museum

See on – Specialist Project A history of embroidery samplers in the 14th and 15th century. Samplers began as a practical tool of the embroiderer and over time became a formulaic or… Continue reading