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Antoni Tapies

Tàpies reevaluated humble materials, things of the earth such as sand—which he used in Great Painting (Gran pintura, 1958)—and straw as well as the refuse of humanity such as string and bits of fabric. By… Continue reading


Originally posted on Alternative Barnsley:
Anne Morrell – Palimpsest: 1, 2009112cm x 99cm A new exhibition opens at Barnsley’s The Civic this November which brings together work by two leading figures in the…

Final Pieces!

I was a little disappointed with myself for not being able to make three sleeves due to time constraints, however, as my tutor pointed out, two sleeves is probably more of a logical… Continue reading

Prunella Clough

Prunella Clough is an artist who is well known for her abstract paintings of urban landscapes. She sometimes incorporated gritty materials such as sand into her paintings to give a ‘real feel’ for… Continue reading

Next stage FMP

I have recently been looking at Anne Morrell’s amazing stitch work where she has used a very simple running stitch repeatedly which in turn manipulates the fabric. Going back to Boro textiles they… Continue reading

Howard Hodgkin | Prints | Works on Paper – Howard Hodgkin

See on Scoop.it – Critical Studies Alan Cristea Gallery is the exclusive publisher of artist Howard Hodgkin’s hand-painted prints. He is one of Britain’s most important painters and printmakers. See on http://www.alancristea.com

Abstract Textile Art by California Artist Sarah Symes

See on Scoop.it – Research Project for FMP This week’s featured artist is Sarah Symes, a textile artist currently living in California. See on emptyeasel.com

Summary of survey results

Earlier on in my research I devised a survey on Survey Monkey to find out if people repair or reuse their clothes or textiles and to find out what motivates them to do… Continue reading

Berkeley #8 by Richard Diebenkorn, 1954 Oil on Canvas

See on Scoop.it – Research Project for FMP Richarddiebenkorn.net is a tribute to painter Richard Diebenkorn featuring his Ocean Park paintings, biography, quotes on art, books, posters, and prints. Rebecca Woodworth‘s insight: Diebenkorn… Continue reading