Starting FMP

Looking at different textile artists that work with a narrative or memories, has shown the different ways of starting their work depending upon the mediums they are using.  I am drawn to the… Continue reading

Textile Art in the North

See on – Dissertation How innovative embroiderers have explored the boundaries of stitch See on

Rosemary Campbell | Textile Study Group

See on – BA FMP Research Rebecca Woodworth‘s insight: I love the painterly effect that Rosemary Campbell can create using layering and stitch, this really appeals to me because it is not… Continue reading

Caren Garfen interview: The need to spread my wings –

See on – BA FMP Research Prior to becoming a contemporary textile artist, Caren worked hand stitching traditional samplers for dolls houses. She now specialises in fine textile art. Rebecca Woodworth‘s insight:… Continue reading

Hannah Lamb: Preparations

See on – BA FMP Research Rebecca Woodworth‘s insight: Hannah Lamb explores ideas about place, woodland, mapping.  I find her work gentle but thought provoking.  I am  interested in this particular piece… Continue reading

Anita Hutchison – edge – textile artists scotland – gallery –

See on – BA FMP Research Rebecca Woodworth‘s insight: After caring for a relative with dementia Anita observed how her relative became more animated when knitting.  Anita now focuses on communicating memories… Continue reading

Dissertation and FMP – final thoughts!

I feel as if all I have been doing is thinking about things.  Thinking about collaboration in print, but not getting very far with it.  So I have changed my mind ever so… Continue reading

The Gallery: Rinne Allen

See on – BA FMP Research Maidenhair Fern, 5×6″, kallitype, $128 Introducing Rinne Allen a photographer who draws with the sun. Rebecca Woodworth‘s insight: Website showing the lovely work of Rinne Allen… Continue reading

Moths in Assemblage Art | Assemblage Art

See on – BA FMP Research I love moths and have incorporated them into several of my assemblage art pieces. Where and when my attraction to moths came about I’m not sure… Continue reading

Collaborative printing

I have been reading a book I bought recently, Critical Mass, printmaking beyond the edge by Richard Noyce, in it he says “Printmakers tend to get together for the purpose of sharing workshop… Continue reading