Had a bit of an epiphany today. Was reading some long convoluted quotes by Hunter S Thompson and the upshot of it for me was that he said don’t set yourself a goal (my degree for me) because we are always changing and therefore our goals my change. Just set out to do what you enjoy doing, do not seek to understand the goal but understand the man.
This third year at university has become quite arduous and difficult, had a shaky start I know but I’m struggling to enjoy it. For my FMP I’m still liking the concept of memories of Blackburn but I’m not totally excited by it. I like some of the samples I have done but I can’t see their purpose. Now, if I were to use the samples as a basis for dresses or clothing for dolls I think that would alleviate this problem. I really enjoyed making my doll last year, photographs to follow, and the doll received very positive feedback when University had a display at this years Knit and Stitch Show. The Blackburn memories would still be the concept behind the doll and all the work I have already done still applies, I’m just applying it to a different end product.
Hope my tutors agree with me!