My Coffeemat Challenge

At University I have entered a business idea into the ‘Coffeemat Challenge’. This is where students are encouraged to write a business idea onto a mat and complete some challenges to promote their idea. If your idea is good one you might receive help getting it off the ground and you can also win prizes along the way. My idea was to ‘hold textile based workshops for women on the margins of society to help improve their skills and confidence’. There are many deprived areas in Blackburn and my idea was to build upon quite a simple idea of sewing and creating in groups with women who are struggling to make ends meet because they have been hit by the recession. To help teach them a simple skill and get them out mixing with other women can boost morale, but to possibly produce small handcrafted items of saleable value that can then be sold to generate income for the group would be a massive boost to confidence.

I undertook a BTEC ND as a mature student and then went on to study for my BA in textiles, I could never have done it without the support of family, friends and tutors and I feel really lucky. I would like all women to feel empowered enough to think they are able to change their lives for the better and sometimes this can start with just trying something new.