Starting FMP

Looking at different textile artists that work with a narrative or memories, has shown the different ways of starting their work depending upon the mediums they are using.  I am drawn to the way that Rosemary Campbell works with colours and textures which she builds up in her sketchbook.  It makes me realise that some interviews need to be done so that I can establish what aesthetics I will be working with for my final pieces.  My initial thoughts had been about including some of my family history but I think I shall discard that idea and just concentrate on living memories of Blackburn.  It would make my work more accessible, easier to research and identifiable with my audience.

I am thinking of using social media to help me with finding people to interview.  There is a group on Facebook called Blackburn People who I did get my initial idea of looking at Blackburn for my FMP from!  They had posted a picture of a park that I had fond memories of and I then entered into a dialogue with them about it.  They have over 1000 followers who appear to be of all ages, one lady had commented on her memories of ‘wakes weeks’ in the aforementioned park.