Dissertation and FMP – final thoughts!

I feel as if all I have been doing is thinking about things.  Thinking about collaboration in print, but not getting very far with it.  So I have changed my mind ever so slightly regarding my dissertation.  Now the things that I like about print is the diversity of techniques and the experimentation involved. So many techniques can be used to create different textures and styles in just one print that it is exciting and always experimental, to the point that a print can’t be planned out precisely.  Therefore I want to look at how printmakers are incorporating traditional techniques in their printmaking and if this is what is keep their art so alive, and pushing it forward.

As for my FMP…. for my final year I wanted to try and push myself, find something within myself to be proud of.  Many artists are influenced by the landscape in their home environment and their history.  I recently visited the Marc Chagall exhibition at Tate Liverpool and I loved how he was influenced by different art movements or artists or poets but the influence of all these things just helped him create something that was so unique to himself.  His art was always influenced by his home in Vitebsk; Russia, his religion; Hasidic Jew and love.  He spoke of always being, above all else, even after having lived in Paris for so long, a Russian Jew.  He was born there, raised there and that is what he was.  That got me to thinking how I have always lived in Blackburn and Oswaldtwistle, how I have always had an interest in local history and over the past few years have been slowly trying to find out more about my family history.  Although Blackburn is a rather poor, down at heel town now, it has quite a history that we should be proud of and I am proud that my family have lived in Blackburn, Oswaldtwistle, Belthorn and Haslingden for the past 200 years, for the majority of which they worked in the mills that were prolific in the area.  I have fond memories of visits to local parks with my granddad and I do feel quite strongly about the area and its position now.

There was a recent heritage weekend in Blackburn and I went along for a behind the scenes tour of Blackburn museum.  I really like the emerging trend in local museums to teach about the stories behind objects.  It isn’t always about displaying something that is very old or apparently very precious, it is also about displaying things that are unique to the area or tell the history of the area and the people that lived in it,  I think the museum would be a valuable resource for me.

I still intend to use print in my final pieces and while I hope to push the boundaries and be experimental I would still like to remain traditional enough for my work to be accessible to young and old alike.  I want to show younger people that we can be proud of what we are and I want to evoke fond memories of a bygone time for the older generation.