Dissertation and FMP thoughts for final year

Been thinking, thinking and thinking about what to do for my final year at Uni and I think I’m starting to tie myself up in knots.  I have always had an interest in printing but the techniques and processes are so varied it actually becomes quite confusing.  I recently did a course at West Yorkshire Print Workshop on etching which I really enjoyed and I would like to try it out again to see how far it can be pushed but it is quite an expensive activity and access to a workshop is an invaluable resource.  At the end of August I am going on a Cyanotype workshop at WYPW  which I am really looking forward to because it seems to be fairly simple process that can be played with  at home and it produces some really effective prints that can easily crossover into textiles.  I have looked at an artist, Hannah Lamb, who has worked with Cyanotypes and they are very beautiful due to their experimental nature and limited colour palette.  Collography is another technique which I feel would crossover beautifully into textiles and again is very experimental.  I feel it is also a technique that lends itself to my way of working which tends to be quite an organic process where I try things and see how they work before I build upon it further.

Now, all these ideas are floating around my head but I am struggling to pin it all down.  Do I want to cover printmaking in some way for my dissertation or do I want to use it in my Final Major Project?  Maybe it would be possible to do both.  When I attended the summer school session on planning your dissertation where we shown how to come up with a title, I came up with “The application of Fine Art Print techniques in contemporary textiles” which I feel would be a fairly valid area of study which would benefit myself and my future career.  As for my FMP, as I appear to have chosen the technique before I have chosen the subject matter it would probably be similar to last year when I chose an aesthetic to work with after I had decided on my concept.