Visit to Paris

During a University trip to Paris in February I took some wonderful photographs that will help me in all areas of my work, not just for FMP.  While there we visited, amongst other places, the Centre Pompidou where I discovered some interesting artists to look at in relation to my FMP.

I liked the patchwork effect on this piece, with relation to Boro, but I also found the application of colour to it very effective.  If you look at the detail on it the colour is almost hand applied randomly but when viewed from a distance the colour has been applied deliberately.  It looks as if the colour is in bands and blocks.

It’s the rawness and the layers that attracted me to this piece of environment art by Allan Kaprow.  Although not made of fabric the built up effect of the layers draws me in in a similar way to Boro, considered but not contrived.

Instead of painting the canvas, he …[Sergej Jensen]…stains, bleaches, sews or embroiders it by sticking recycled pieces of fabric.‘ Centre Pompidou.  His work is likened to the ‘burnt and perforated canvasses of Alberto Burri‘.

I find the crossover of Fine Art and Textile Art inspiring.  Textile Art need not contain lots of stitch or fabric to make it “textile” and it can be heavily influenced by Fine Art.  The bold irregularity of the stitching and application of the fabrics is very simplistic but used to great effect.  The details draw you in but the spacing of the detail in the overall composition makes for a really interesting exciting piece of work.

One interesting observation in Paris is how their large open windows can often resemble patchwork, patchworks of windows.  Quite different in shapes and sizes, particularly when viewed from varying distances and angles.