Visit to ‘Light and Line’ exhibition in Leigh

On Wednesday March 14th I visited the ‘Light and Line’ exhibition showing the work of Polly Binns and Anne Morrell.  It was really interesting to see close up and first hand the stitch work that goes into the pieces.  Sometimes the stitching is quite minimal but it creates movement and flow within the piece or the stitching creates puckers and folds that interrupt the surface of the fabric, in a similar way to the patching in Boro.  The scale of the pieces was also an interesting factor, i don’t think i had seriously considered what scale I would work on for my final pieces but they create some rather large pieces which have a feeling of space.

Detail has been created by simple stitching which creates a soothing minimalist feel to it.

Interesting scale and simple stitch marks.

I like the stitching detail in the Threshold pieces, simply knotted, almost like a tacking stitch. They remind me of some of the work by Tapies and Gualtiero Redivo that I uploaded onto my Pinterest Board