Visuals to be applied to my concept

After a chat with Claire Williams, who suggested I find something visual to apply my concept to, I started looking at the sea. I lot of abstract artists are inspired by landscapes, Eleri Mills is one such textile artist who is inspired by the Welsh landscape in which she grew amongst. She works on a huge scale and she includes different media as well as stitch.

I chose to look at the sea because I have always had a bit of a strange relationship with water! Despite being rather frightened of it due to my lack of swimming abilities and also the fact that I don’t particularly like being on a boat, I have immense respect for the sea and I would also like to live near the shore. It is a force to be reckoned with and in the UK you are never more than 70 miles away from the sea. We are an island and we once had the greatest naval force in the whole world.

The sea is powerful, evocative, romantic, dramatic, beautiful and with all those emotions comes a huge amount of tonal variations. Can I portray these emotions through my abstract work whilst also remembering the skills used by the Japanese women when caring for their families by constantly working on their clothing to keep the warm and protected?

Yesterday I visited Lytham on the Fylde coast, it was a cold, windy, overcast day but the scenery is no less beautiful because of it, that is what makes the sea so powerful. Unfortunately Lytham is more on the estuary so I was unable to get any shots of the actual sea but I still took photos of the things connected with the sea such as anchors, boats, reflections on water, the windswept grassland that grows wild and tough beside the sea.