After reading this piece about Anne Morrell and Polly Binn’s exhibition and the comment about Morrells work reminding the writer of Antoni Tapies I had at look at the artist. Tapies created abstract art based upon layering and he quite often incorporated materials from the earth such as sand and soil.

Alternative Barnsley

A new exhibition opens at Barnsley’s The Civic this November which brings together work by two leading figures in the field of art textiles, Polly Binns and Anne Morrell. Light and Line explores the threads that run throughout both their practise, as well as their wider contribution to contemporary textile history.

It is Binns’ Threshold Series that greats you on entering the gallery space. Here each untreated canvas sheet appears to be subtly built up with screen print, pin and top stitching, French knots and light painting (or maybe it’ss spray paint?). Each work appears to represent hibernal coastal landscapes and valleys. However, when viewed alongside her etchings, coastal lines become less defined. Each dry point etching is stark black and white, small and fragile looking and despite their titles linking them to the coastal, scratches in the image reminds me of a bird’s footprints in snow laden field, but that…

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