Final Pieces!

bent sleeves bw close up sleeves suspended sleeves resting sleeves bent sleevesI was a little disappointed with myself for not being able to make three sleeves due to time constraints, however, as my tutor pointed out, two sleeves is probably more of a logical conclusion than three! I found all of of the hand stationing rather long winded and laborious but I wouldn’t change that as I do quite like the idea of personalising items with my own handstitch. On Monday Jenny Nicholls, a first year photography student at uni, took some wonderful shots of the sleeves.
It was so much easier to envisage the sleeves displayed in an appropriate setting such as a museum or a Victorian home/display. I do prefer the images of the sleeves suspended with a slight bend in the arm, sort of like an action shot, but they still remain quite ghostly indicating a time now gone.