Next stage FMP

I have recently been looking at Anne Morrell’s amazing stitch work where she has used a very simple running stitch repeatedly which in turn manipulates the fabric. Going back to Boro textiles they used a sashiko stitch which was similar to a running stitch and was quite labour intensive as they counted the threads in the weave as the were sewing. I recently attempted using a running stitch to emphasise a design for fabric manipulation and I really like the results. I used as similar colour to the fabric as I could find in a similar vein to Anne Morrell and I was intrigued with the result. Very understated broken line but when the fabric was held to the light the broken line appeared like a very fine pencil line. As some of my original research contained thoughts on stitch I think it is necessary for my work to contain stitch especially if it is to have ‘me’ in it.



The first picture is of Anne Morrell’s work and the second is the little sample I did.