Inked up samples

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Well .. I inked up my samples and it didn’t really go to plan because I hadn’t factored in the reflection of the impression.  When I printed from the inked up samples the sample came out backwards.  You can still tell that it is writing but I think I would like the words to be decipherable.  The two different styles of writing I used both have different qualities as I stated in my previous post but neither of them unpick very well and don’t leave the ghosting of the word behind unlike my original scrappy samples, obviously the stitches need to be quite big to achieve this result.

However, this effect does represent the fading of colours and the disintegration of materials that comes with time and considering my tutor Jo had suggested I try playing around with the words, obliterating or replacing some it does seem to fit in quite nicely.  At first I was disappointed with the result but the more I look at them the better I feel about them.

A way of overcoming the backwards writing problem is to print on to a metal plate and then take a monoprint from the plate which gives me the writing the right way round but I don’t have any stitching to unpick.

I think I may try using a colour stitched over the top on this sample.