My sample sampler before using it to print

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I have used some passages from the samplers that I looked at at Gawthorpe Textiles and just had a play hand stitching them onto some fabric.  I copied two passages in pencil and then stitched over them just using back stitch.  The first I tried to make quite neat and then when I came to the second I thought it would be interesting to try and copy my own handwriting and I’m really pleased with the result.  The neat handwriting I like because it is printed in quite a childlike way rather than in the prescribed cross stitch fashion that most samplers are stitched in.  My own handwriting sample I love because it is me reminding us all of these girls and yet it still contains them, their passage, their name and age.  I may even try and do the same on a machine but I just don’t think it would have the same feel…too mechanized.

As regards to materials I would like to do the initial hand stitching (if hand stitching is how it remains) on linen or a courser grained fabric because I know that once it is inked and put through the press it will also pick up the texture of the fabric and also because many of the samplers were worked on traditional fabrics like linen because they could count the threads.