More thoughts ….

Starting with Boro textiles, despite the aesthetic appeal they have to me, I think I am also drawn to the reasons behind what they did. A respect for their materials, their environment and their family.  They needed to look after their family and they did it to the best of their ability with the skills they possessed.  Many people may look at their way of life and see it as being disadvantaged and hard, I see people with skills intrinsic to human beings that are gradually being lost due to our lifestyle.  It seems that something that was once quite common; mums sewing with children no longer happens because even many mums don’t appear to possess the skills or the time to sew.

Whilst chatting to Tracy Gill from Gawthorpe Textiles I mentioned this project and I also told her how I came to be on this FdA course.  I had worked in office jobs for quite a number of years and felt that I had reached a point where I needed to extend my skills to improve my situation.  I really didn’t fancy undertaking any more office based courses and instead I made a conscious decision to enrol on a sewing course as I had always had a desire to learn to make clothing as my mum had always made clothes for me and I realised that I held that skill in high regard.  I have always been aware of the loss of skills and through this loss of skills comes a loss of values.  From the courses I have done I now have skills that I can pass on to my children, last night we screen printed spots onto plain t-shirts for children in need non uniform day at school!  Not only am I sharing skills but it also means sharing time and attention which in this fast paced life is invaluable.  What are we passing on to others now that is of value?