Attended a lecture today by artist Paddy Hartley, always an interesting and engaging person to listen to.  Today I was inspired by his Project Facade work in connection with my Specialist Project based upon samplers.  As I have been puzzling over what sort of stitching to use upon the sleeves, the stories of the soldiers with horrific facial injuries embroidered onto the army uniforms in Paddy’s work reminded me of the samplers I have looked at at Gawthorpe Hall.  Although the samplers that I have looked at rarely contain a lot of information about the individual other than their name, age and when they worked the sampler, they do contain short poems or passages with religious connotations and they also speak of gratitude towards their guardians after they loss of their parents.  As I am trying to emphasize the memory of these girls I think it is only right to contain some of the text from their samplers in the sleeves.