Survey for Research Project

I have devised a quick survey regarding repair of clothing or textiles.  Whilst compiling the survey memories of last night struck me when I used a local Brownie group as a focus group to trial some christmas decoration kits put together as a group with other students.  Some of the leaders at the Brownie group commented on the fact that they rarely sewed and that it simply isn’t taught in school these days.  Many of the Brownies really struggled with the task, although I got the impression they enjoyed it and were very proud of their achievements.  I felt they would have coped much better on a on-to-one basis, much like the image of mother and daughter sewing together or Grandma showing her grandchildren how to sew, even watching family members sew would make children more confident in trying.

Is it a time issue?  Have we really run that low on time in our too hectic lives to sit down and share time and skills with our little ones?  Its a very basic idea but one that affects many things not just the sewing skills of our children.

Here is a link to my survey, I am aiming to send it out to quite a cross section of people which I think may take time to accomplish!