Research for FMP research

I am very aware that I have not touched upon my research project for a number of weeks and this is probably due to time management issues ie I have no time to manage!  Seriously though the very little time I do have I tend to focus on other projects ie projects that I enjoy or projects that seem to have more of a sense of immediacy about them.  This project seems to be more about us using our own resources, time management skills and research abilities and I feel I am falling behind.

Tuesday night I intend to revisit my research and blog a little about the artists I have looked at and reflect on this to decide a way forward.  Hopefully this will reignite my interest in this project.  Its strange really that when I am given a project where I have free reign to research a topic I am really interested in I struggle to get going with it.  Maybe this is because I become a little blase about and put it on a back burner.  This is obviously an issue that needs addressing.